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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Terps Lose - But Why Did Steffy Play?

After the Terps' loss to Florida State today, I had one question:

Why the hell did Fridge play Jordan Steffy?

Right after Chris Turner had his best drive of the game thus far, leading the Terps 64 yards to set up a field goal, Fridge puts in Jordan Steffy.

The result: two drives for a total of -17 yards. Steffy's line for the day, 1 completion, 3 attempts, 1 yard passing; 2 rushes, -7 yards rushing.

I'm going to say this once and I'm going to say it very slowly so everyone can understand:








Now, this isn't the only reason the Terps lost the game - the fact that Florida State is just straight more up talented than Maryland was probably the deciding factor, alongside the fact that Maryland couldn't capitalize on any of FSU's eleventy billion fumbles.

But why would you play Steffy? It's simply a mind-boggling decision on Fridge's part. Turner had a fantastic game in the upset over Boston College and although he had made a few bad throws, wasn't playing awful against FSU - why bring in Steffy?

Basically, the Terps completely wasted two possessions.

Other notes from a disappointing performance:

  • I have no idea who the color man was for this game, but apparently Chris Turner beat up his mother or something, because he was relentless in criticizing Sunshine's performance.
  • The solid performances from Isiah Williams and Heyward-Bey were encouraging - the Terps are going to need to become a passing-oriented team next year....
  • Unless, that is, Da'Rel Scott steps up huge - which is beginning to look more and more probable. He needs to get a lot of carries in the NC State Game and should have been getting more carries all season long.
  • Even if the Terps beat NC State next week to become bowl eligible, I don't think they deserve it. And honestly, most of them would probably prefer not to spend Christmas in Boise anyway.
  • This was apparently Bobby Bowden's 300th win at FSU. I am absolutely shocked the announcers didn't relentlessly harp on this throughout the game. The fact that didn't is a good thing, but they didn't mention it at all, as far as I noticed - which is both incredibly odd and pretty poor, announcing-wise.
P.S. Bobby Bowden is a lucky man.

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