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Saturday, November 24, 2007

37-0?!?! Holy Crap!!!

It's times like these when I ask, "Why the heck did we lose to Wake Forest and Virginia?"

The Terps have been the absolute model of inconsistency this season. While no one complains when Keon Lattimore runs in for the fourth team touchdown of the day, it does make all those squeakers and 4th quarter/overtime losses that much more frustrating. I never would've predicted that the same defense that allowed James Davis to torch them a few weeks back would have pitched a shutout today. I might have guessed the offense would light it up- like against Boston College - but not the same offense that scratched up a measly 16 points last week. It's difficult to put faith in a team that can beat two top-10 teams but can lose to North Carolina. Ick.

But to give them their due, they won when they absolutely had to. And Friedgen showed he could actually prepare his team with his job on the line. Imagine that. (I'm going to refrain from writing any of the nasty jokes that are popping up in my imagination right now.) That's why I try to be patient to see how things shake out before I call for a coach's head on a platter.

Honestly, the win may not save his job, but he did what he was supposed to do. As did the team. I'm glad Lance Ball and Keon Lattimore didn't have to go out with a loss away; hopefully there will be some space for them and the rest of the Terps in San Francisco.

Go Terps!

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