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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Greg Paulus is a joke. Plus links!

Hey everybody,I'm feeling lazy today and not much doing in College Park sports. So I'm gonna send you to some links. But before I do, I just want to comment about something silly I saw.

The intrepid Doug Gottlieb tried to defend the Duke basketball team earlier this week and their hapless point guard Greg Paulus. I actually enjoyed this because he suggested that Paulus' criticism was unfair AND suggested that Duke's best lineup was without Paulus on the floor in the same sentence. The truth is Duke is hung up on an unsuccessful point guard who can't score or make decisions, or at least the right ones. Duke's own statistical database backs it up (Career 9.1 pt avg; 3/2 assist to turnover ratio; nearly 1.2 A/T ratio last season). Duke sucks.

- Yes, the Gilbert Arenas Zeros are out and the commercials are hilarious. Unfortunately, the man himself is on the sideline for three months. At least Michael Wilbon thinks they might be OK.

- Jin Soo Kim continues to impress scouts... with a little attitude. "Block that s***!"

- Originally it seemed as though UMD football target Zach Brown had not actually committed, but then he actually did. Friedgen then appeared to withdraw a scholarship offer Steve Slaton-style to give him a hard time, but then told him he was kidding.

- I swear I thought of this, but now I have to give credit where it's due. Very funny idea.

- I finally overcame my recent annoyance with Bill Simmons to listen to his interview of Gus Johnson. Very worth it. Here's a good rundown of the good parts.

Go Terps!


Anonymous said...

Paulus made alot of mistakes last year, but is really coming around this year. We love you Paulus!

GO DUKE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha. Duke's now nationally ranked like #4, and Greg Paulus has led them there, so GO DUKE!!PSHYA!!!

Yetta #20 said...

Paulus is a good point guard. He was young last year and every player makes mistakes at some time. He's really stepped up this year and has lead his team to a lot of victorys. He's averaging 10.6 points per game. He is a great player and I strongly disagree with anyone who says that he sucks. GO DUKE!!! and GO PAULUS!! YOU ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF!!!

Anonymous said...

duke rockss. and greg paulus is myuhh boii♥. hes an amasing point guard && three point shooter! i miss j.j and scheyer and singler when there older they will be unstopable. ilyy gregory.

Anonymous said...

greg paulus is an amasiing pt. guard && 3 point shooter!!! and
duke rockss. ily gregory