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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

EXCLUSIVE: Gary Williams' To-Do List

Hey everybody, I have some exciting news! I was hanging out by Comcast today and when I picked up a non-descript piece of paper with some hasty scrawl on it. Upon further examination, I discovered it was the lost to-do list of Gary Williams! It seems mostly focused on the game with the Fightin' Illini tonight.

by Gary Williams

- Shower and wear some

- Make fun of Illini coach Bruce Weber on the ridiculous shirts he wore at the Maui Invitational.

- Make Chuck get some extra towels to wipe the floor in my coaching box.

- Ask James Gist his shoes size. About 15? 16? Ask him height: 6'8, 6'9? Are you athletic? Yes? OK,
now play like it. And remind him he can't make the sky hook.

- Tell Greivis that he doesn't need to take the jump shots. Try and slash first, and if it isn't there, just dish. You're still a star, baby.

- Give thanks that
Eric Gordon went to Indiana.

- Remind Eric Hayes that he's a stud beyond the 3-point line and at the charity stripe.

- Tell Landon Milbourne to not be afraid to
get into the post and slash because his 3-point shots just aren't going in.

- Make sure Boom doesn't try cornrows; FREE THE FRO!

- Get an extra jersey for Keith Booth in case he needs to go in when the starting bigs foul out.

- Make Chuck get more towels at halftime.

- Don't forget what happened last year.

Good luck, Gary.

1 comment:

J-Red said...

Very nicely played. All Gary ever gave me was a coupon to Subway.