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Friday, November 30, 2007

San Fran, Here come the Terps!

The world-famous Diamondback reported today that the Terps have a "nine in 10 chance" of being invited to the Emerald Bowl, according to the bowl executive Gary Cavalli.


- Well, I certainly can't afford to go, but good luck!

- The Terps will face a Pac-10 team, which should be a great test for the program. The Terps already proved last year that they could roll with Purdue and the Big Ten in the Champs Sports Bowl; now it's time to play one of the elite conferences. Who are the candidates? The Pac-10 is a mess right now, with literally half the teams fighting for a share of the conference championship. The most likely candidates are UCLA, Cal and Oregon State. We really can't talk about opponents until after this weekend.

- Finally, we get to see what we can do when we're actually healthy.

- San Fransisco, check out the wonderful fans you'll be bringing in:

Go Terps!

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