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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

In lieu of boring analysis, DUNKS!!!

The men's basketball team lost again, and the women's basketball team won again.


So instead of doing what I've been doing the past week or so (analyzing until you stop reading), today I'm just going to post bunch of my favorite basketball videos.

I'll begin with one I really liked the other night by James Gist. And after this, amateur hour is over.

Dwight Howard is a massive man with a massive wingspan. This really impresses me.

I know it's a highlight tape, but this montage of Charles Barkley always gets me pumped. It's just dunks and blocks - how sweet is that? But stop when the music changes.

This Vince Carter dunk over a 7'2 French center is pretty classic - a classic display of how the French are wimps. I can say that; I take French.

Dominique Wilkins has always been a favorite dunk artist of mine. Maybe you see why...

And for those who think anyone today is better than MJ, just watch this. It always ends with me shaking my head.

Maybe tomorrow I'll tackle the Terps, but until then, do what I do:

Ignore it.

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