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Monday, November 5, 2007

Back down to Earth... almost.

I must say that I am disappointed at Tom Brady's performance on Sunday. Look at the box score. Only 255 yards? Sacked twice? Two interceptions? And you only completed 66% of your passes? Shame, shame. What a shoddy performance. I expected at least five TDs, including one rushing.

This team bothers me so much, it makes me want to scream. Obviously this game had a lot of mistakes, especially by the Patriots who set a franchise record for penalty yardage, but they still won. Do they even want to win regular-season games? Read this excerpt from this article by John Clayton:

"'I think I could pick about 20 plays of our weaknesses coming out of this game,' Brady said in the aftermath of Sunday's victory. 'The thing is, we are 9-0 and it doesn't really matter. It just doesn't matter. None of this matters until January. I think it was a great step in our preparation. We've got seven games to get better.'"

The Patriots want to be seen as humble, right? Of course, they made shirts that say "Humble Pie: I Eat It." How can you be humble when your mind is already on the playoffs? "One game at a time" is a myth in Belichick land; I think they believe they should get a free pass to the playoffs and be able to watch the other teams play out to see who gets to face them in the Super Bowl.

"None of this matters until January." I know only titles matter to the coach I affectionately dub the Cameraman, but is the regular season really that much of a burden to you? Why do they make it so necessary to exterminate all the joy out of the game? Is anyone on that team ever happy after a win? Is it possible that Belichick is the anti-Farve?

I can't feel good about this team's success if they don't feel good about it. In fact, it makes me loathe them. THEY JUST BEAT THEIR ONLY REAL COMPETITION!!! Yeah they'll probably have to make a lot of adjustments next week for... The Bills?

Please, anyone: Beat this team.

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"ben" said...

I like the Pats.