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Monday, November 26, 2007

The One-Two Punch gets dissed

All-ACC teams came out today. If you know what kind of season the Terps had, then you know it's not a big deal for Maryland today. OK, Erin Henderson. OK, Dre Moore. OK, Andrew Crummey, even though you missed 5 games or so (which I find amusing).

However, I did want to mention one little thing: Refer to these stats.

It's funny how Maryland had the most rushing touchdowns in the ACC, the third-most rushing yards in the ACC, and only managed to get one rusher on the team. Ladies and gentlemen, Keon Lattimore. HONORABLE MENTION?

Looking at the individual statistics, that makes some sense. If you want to overlook the fact that Lattimore and Lance Ball are the top two in rushing touchdowns with 13 and 12 respectively, yes, you can see Lattimore (who was gimpy for awhile as well) is 5th in individual yardage and Ball is back at No. 7.

BUUUUUTTT... if you want to evaluate how important the rushing game was to each team, I feel that Keon and Lance both rise up that list to at least the second team. For example, second-teamer Andre Callender rushed for over 900 yards and nine touchdowns (whilst also being shut out of the end zone and gained only 56 yards at Maryland). But don't you think he was helped by Matt Ryan and the No. 1 passing offense in the ACC. Boston College only had the No. 9 rushing offense anyway, and defenses so feared Ryan's arm, sure they're going to let Callendar run around a little if it means they can contain the pass. I think there is a similar relationship between James Davis and Cullen Harper of Clemson, but Davis is a good back.

In all, when you evaluate Keon and Lance, the self-named One-Two Punch, they were critical to the little success the Terps achieved this year. The offense mustered up 35 touchdowns, 28 of which were rushing touchdowns, 25 of which were carried in by the dynamic duo. That's pretty incredible.

If only they were one person... oh well. The ACC teams to recognize individual excellence, and that's what they reflect, I suppose. Except Andre Callender, that jerk. Yeah, just feast on those prevent defenses. You have to work REAL hard for those yards, I bet.

No good bum.

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