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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friedgen better hope we go bowling...

I talked to a reader today and he suggested that I write a letter for the firing of Ralph Friedgen.

Here are two conditions for me to consider this:

1) I would feel comfortable saying it to his face.

2) We finish this season tomorrow, without going to a bowl.

One or two of these conditions could be met this afternoon when the Terps take on N.C. State in Raleigh. I'll be the first to say that injuries have helped cripple this season. Plus, we did beat two top-10 teams (Rutgers and Boston College).

But that is no excuse for the unimaginative play-calling and lousy motivation of this football team. I have seen games end before we even lose the lead. We look slow and unable to execute many times. And Friedgen is working with his own recruits now (plus he hasn't been able to lock down the Maryland prospects). There is mounting evidence that he should be out the door, and this may be the case, whether he wins or loses today.

I think it comes down to this: Can Friedgen get this team to win with not just the season, but his own job on the line?

N.C. State is hot and has four wins in their last five games. They too are fighting for bowl-eligibility. But doesn't Friedgen have more to lose?

If the Terps don't win today, expect the Fridge to be sitting on one of the hottest seats in football.

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