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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Let's play Wacky Stats with Maryland!


So Maryland was pushed to overtime by perennial powerhouse Northeastern. Please help me understand this.

Anyways, beyond the score, there were some interesting statistics after the game.

- Boom Osby ended up with 16 points and 13 rebounds... but only made one shot from the field. Northeastern Hack-a-Shaq'd the hell out of him and he ended up 14-of-20 from the line. Heck, he probably read my column the other day and worked on his shot! (Humor me. Let my imagination wander.) Thanks, big guy, for getting the Huskies' two leading rebounders out of the game! Plus six blocks!

- James Gist (pictured) scored 27 points, a career-high. He also led the team in... steals? Four, to be exact. Also 9-of-11 from the charity stripe for a 81 FT%. Not bad for a guy with a career average of 67.4% (see bottom). He's actually 11-for-14 on the year.

- Northeastern and Maryland had the same number of rebounds, 43. Compare NE's offensive rebounds (19) to UMD's (11). I sense 2nd-chance opportunities made a difference in this game...

- Greivis controlled the ball well, dishing out 10 assists to a paultry 2 turnovers. But still went 2-of-10 from the field. Incredibly, both shots were threes.

- Jason McAlpin played.

I'll let someone else interpret the stats. But more than likely... they probably mean little.

Let's do better next time.

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