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Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Can I Say?

The man pictured below is part man, part beast, part god, and all clutch.

Seriously, What can I say that isn't apparent from the box score? Beckett was brilliant (30 of his first 32 pitches were fastballs between 95 and 97 MPH, he struck out the first five batters of the game), the offense was spectacular (13 runs, with everyone chipping in) - hell, when Gagne came in, I wasn't even nervous.

(IRONY NOTE: Gagne means "to win" in French, well actually "gagner" means to win, but you get the idea.)

Seriously, what more can I ask for as a fan?

The only thing I'm nervous/worried about is going to Colorado - some of the Red Sox players really don't like the cold, although if it didn't effect them last night at Fenway, I doubt it'll be that much worse at Coors. Also, how do we play Lowell, Youk, and Ortiz at the same time? I think, assuming the series goes five games, each one should get one day off - Lowell first, then Youk, then Ortiz. Regardless, we'll have a killer bat coming off the bench each time. Another option would be to play Youklis in right for J.D. Drew. Youk has played left field in the past and I think he could pull it off, although I doubt Francona will want to risk it.

Game 2 tonight in Boston - this World Series could be over before it started.

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Anonymous said...

Manny still doesn't care.