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Friday, October 19, 2007

How about a crackerhound instead?

First of all, if I'm the only one who thinks the University of Tennessee should change their mascot, I won't say anything more about it, but a "coonhound?" I know there's a dog breed that's actually called that, but c'mon people, why do you think that is historically? I mean, Tennessee's name is the Volunteers (which BTDub has another slave state context), so it's not as if they would have to change their name...

Secondly, Geremy Bass wrote a column today about why Maryland will beat Virginia. Amen!!!

Allow me to add on... (stats are from theacc.com, ncaa.org and the official athletics websites)

- Bass says UVA's combined opponent record is 20-26. Maryland's is 22-17. Keep in mind that 6 of those losses come from the winless and deplorable Florida International, so Maryland's other 5 opponents are a combined 22-11!!!
- Despite their easy record, Virginia has only the No. 10 offense in the ACC, compared to Maryland's No. 5 offense.
- Virginia has the No. 7 defense in the ACC and Maryland has the No. 8. The difference is rushing yards, but remember West Virginia and the force of nature know as Noel Devine? If we subtract Maryland's worst rushing defensive game and Virginia's worst rushing game (against Wyoming, which is actually ranked behind Maryland in rushing), Maryland is giving up 286.3 yds per game and Virginia is giving up 297.4 yds per game.

Maryland will win. Just like last year.

So Virginia fans: get real.

And stop wearing ties to football games.

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