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Friday, October 26, 2007

The New Mr. Irrelevant

Today, I'm proud to announce that the men's basketball team has the unwavering support of Mr. Irrelevant.

I'm not talking about the last person to be picked in the NFL Draft, or the NBA Draft. No, I'm talking about a guy way more special than that.

Recently, the first coaches' poll came out ranking the D-I men's basketball teams. Ok, UNC is No. 1, Duke is No. 11, NC State is No. 24 (Why?) ... wait, where's Maryland?

Well ... all you have to do is to look at the bottom of the page, WAY down in the "Others Receiving Votes" section... at the very end. The last team. With one vote.


We love you, Mr. Irrelevant, oh faceless supporter of the tradition of Maryland basketball. Like the song by the band Journey, you've never stopped believing in our potential. As we rise up in the polls, never will we forget your unflinching and unwavering vote. The first one is always the most important.

In fact, I think all of you readers should listen to "Don't Stop Believing" and read this column over again.

Wait, there's something else. Read the poll page again. At the very bottom of the page, when they list the panel of head coaches that vote... who is that? Great Scot! Gary Williams? Umm... well I'm sure it's not him. He probably didn't vote for, uh, his own team.

Oh boy.

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