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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quick links for you boys and girls

I was doing some more research last night into perspectives of the gay community and it took me at least 20 minutes to determine whether this site was a joke or not.

It is, thank goodness.

I also want to shove this down a couple of Yankee fans' throats. I can't believe they tried to run one of the greatest managers in baseball in the last 20 years out of town since the end of last season, and then ask him to come back. The Steinbrenners have some nards to do that, and he turned them down!!!

Sometimes I dream of Torre coaching the Orioles into relevance, but I know he's too smart for that.

The greatest part of this whole thing is the Yankees' worst times are ahead because now that potential managers know the pressure of trying to coach in the Big Apple, and because the most high-profile manager in baseball just got run out, no one wants to follow in his footsteps (that's you, Sideburns).

Does this open up the AL East for the bottom-dwellers? Of course not. Angelos the Demoralizer will screw it up in ways the mortal being cannot even imagine.

This is why I hate baseball.

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