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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dumbledore - The Fallout

This is great. It's easy to tell that Dan Abrams is probably insulted by the idea of having to even cover this story. But you can catch a couple snippets of Mr. Knight, trying very hard to break through Dan Abrams' constant interrupting, saying things about "sexually confused boys" and "coming down with STDs." Oh goodness.

Now that Dumbledore went all John Amaechi on us, are we going to have to get a reaction from Snape or Hagrid? How do they feel now about all those times in the locker room before Quidditch games? We already know how Tim Hardaway feels about it.

I think it's pretty crazy about the uproar relating to a fictional character's sexuality. It's not as if she wrote it directly into the book; readers can believe whatever they want. All Rowling was saying was that when she wrote the book, in her mind, the character was gay, and frankly it makes more sense that way in the general plot. Grindelwald, back in the day, was a pretty handsome guy, I hear.

Has anyone called Sean O'Donnell yet?

In other news:

- Tuesday Morning Quarterback on ESPN posted a great column about the parallels between the Colts v. the Patriots and Good v. Evil that I know will drive Kevin crazy.
- This really should be first. The wildfires are officially a crisis. It's crazy to me how things go on for a while and hardly anyone hears about them until, one day, the media blows up. Same thing happened with Katrina. I feel bad for the Chargers, but I think football is a pretty low priority, compared to what else is going on.
- So nowadays, with $240 million, you can buy a little itty bitty percentage of Facebook. At least that's what Microsoft did. It's interesting to me that the price seem to be soaring sky high. Google bought YouTube last year for $1.65 billion, and now Facebook is valued at around $15 billion. How much profit is everyone making off of online advertising? That much?

By the way, if you all thought it was raining today, I assure you, it was not. Just a drizzle.

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