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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Links that will make you smile ... or feel guilty for laughing

Hey everyone. Today is another laid-back day of rest, so I'm just gonna pitch out a couple links forwarded by friends and stuff that's just plain great.

- First off, to show I'm not a total homer (although that's mostly a lost cause), I decided to post this video sent to me by a fellow Ravens fan. It's an oldie but goodie.

And for the record, Ray Lewis didn't kill anyone and eventually cooperated with law enforcement.

- Next is not one, but two posts by the guys over at East Coast Bias, my lovable compatriots/mentors. First is an explanation about why Roger Clemens would not win a suit against George Mitchell and/or anyone who covered the Mitchell report on TV - it has a good basic outline of defamation law. The other is a story on UNC football players that were seduced and robbed. Yikes.

- Some fans at a Memphis Grizzlies game got more than they bargained for on the jumbotron. Awful Announcing has the story on this amateur exhibitionist (Family Safe).

- For those of you who haven't heard, our favorite cross-eyed commentator, Stuart Scott, is battling cancer. He had some surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy. We wish you well, Stu, and tell that cancer, "BOOYAH!"

- This next one is based on the Tony Romo theory that says he doesn't play well in front of his girlfriends (formerly Carrie Underwood, now Jessica Simpson). Visit RuinRomo.com to see what the fuss is about.

- The worst one is for last. If you have a conscience, don't watch it. It's about the New England Patriots and the "ultimate solution."

See what I mean? Whatever. I've got to get to the American game, so good luck Terps!

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