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Sunday, December 9, 2007

Link Time: Best of Ballhype

Hey guys, I thought I'd just kick today off with a couple of links I've been meaning to put up for some time.

- I'm not sure whether this is funny or just plain sad. Here's a comparison of Evel Knievel's injuries to Steve McNair's injuries.

- I finally decided I believe this. Kansas State forward Bill Walker had to face the call of nature in the closing seconds of a game ... so he peed in some towels.

- Brian Billick has a crush on Rodney Harrison.

- A very nice analysis of the Wizards roster - why they shouldn't sign anyone new.

- A little Heisman lore - includes the mystery of O.J. Simpson's trophy and the airport security mishaps with the famous bronze statue.

- The Detroit Pistons use Jason Maxiell for target practice.

And finally, Kevin Garnett on Knicks, Stephon Marbury and ... Craig Sager's suit?

1 comment:

Crucifictorious said...

Hey, from one Greivis supporter to another, thanks for the linkage. Good to have another news tip out of CP.

Just to clarify: The Wiz kids could (and may need) to sign somebody else, given how thin their roster is. There's just no point in a panic move and signing a marginal value player like Mike Wilks (which a lot of fans in DC were clamoring for last week); he won't do anything any better than Mason or Young--they can get an NDBL call-up of similar skills--and puts them up at the luxury tax. As Bullets Forever's Prada says, better to wait and see what they need in a few months.