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Friday, March 14, 2008

No One's Surprised...

... But it still hurts.


The Baltimore Sun

The Washington Post


Mister Irrelevant

East Coast Bias

Today's ACC Headlines

Turtle Waxing

Terrapin Trail

As if I have to say any more. Why does the team need to be criticized? They're hurting themselves more than anyone ...

... actually, you know what? Maybe they aren't. Because sometimes it looks like they don't give a damn about whether they win or lose. A lot of times, even Gary looks like he doesn't care. Are the fans the only ones that don't want to be humiliated?

Please post a comment on whether you'll go to the NIT or not - I'm still trying to decide whether I want to give a damn about the rest of this season.

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Earl said...

I support the decision to accept the NIT bid and get a little more practice in. That said, there's no way in hell I am paying the least bit of attention. This team is dead to me. Til next year.

Steve Perez said...

I think we'll get bounced out of the NIT pretty quickly. I feel like a lot of teams Williams coaches play to the level of their opponent; this one seems to play slightly below.

My biggest worry is about Vasquez's ability to run the team. I like him as an individual performer, but I feel like it's on him to pull the team out of these stretches where we disappear from the game (things like Gist not taking a shot when BC was making their run at the end of the first half and the end of the Clemson game). That hasn't happened, and he needs to step up and take it on his shoulders.

Willmott said...

I sincerely hope that they take the bid. This team is going to be ridiculously young next year (Dave Neal gets senior day to himself?!?!), and to pass up a chance to play against teams in the top third of the NCAA would be foolish. Do I care if they win? No. That shouldn't, and likely won't, be the point.