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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Break from Break

Hey Terps fans!

Well, I'm on spring break right now in Vermont, but I thought that some recent news deserved a small update.

The Maryland women are going to the NCAA tournament in style - as a No. 1 seed. They beat out Rutgers and Stanford for a top spot in the Spokane region, and they'll face Coppin State on Sunday.

The local battle is a surprise to a lot of women's bball followers, including me. I thought their second-round lost to Duke over a week ago would result in a No. 2 slot ... but I guess not.

The road is a little easier but not much easier: There are a lot of contenders out there. ESPN has a breakdown that I really like.

Also, for those of you wondering what the men are up to after their big disappointment this weekend, don't look to Comcast. The Terps will be playing away at Minnesota for the NIT. I don't think they want to be there, so I'll predict they do themselves a favor and lose the opener. I stress themselves.

Well, make sure you buy your tickets for Maryland v. Coppin State and the second round game as well. I think I might catch one of those when I get back to town.

Photo Credit: Baltimore Sun

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Badu Earl-Star said...

I must give you a great deal of kudos for having Earl Badu in the running for People's Champ. Nothing was better than seeing him get on the court at the end of a game.