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Monday, February 18, 2008

Yeah, I'm Lazy

Sorry, I got caught taking an extended break AGAIN and let two games get by me without comment. Here's what happened:

1) I was upset about the Duke game. REALLY upset. I was watching the game with some friends, and they were looking at my "Keys to the Game, " (more as a joke, but still). None of it happened.

2) I have another life as a crusader for justice that required my attention. (Read: Job).

So anyway, I WAS watching - don't worry.

Basically, in the Duke game, I felt that they were who we thought they were, and we let them off the hook. The game was narrowed to a 2-point margin, but we failed to capitalize, even during a long stretch of keeping the Blue Devils scoreless. Bottom line was they shot well, we didn't have a defensive answer, and we couldn't build on our momentum to take the lead. It was tough, but Duke showed why they're a tough team to beat. Congrats, BTDub, to Wake Forest for finally taking them down. Dookie fans: Arrogance is your downfall. Write that on a cheer sheet.

Florida State was pretty different. Being there, it was hard to pull out a definitive reason why we won. Greivis Vasquez had a good stretch where he made 3 threes in a row that really launched the Terps in the second half, and Landon Milbourne really helped keep the Seminoles at bay with a late surge of 13 second-half points. Milbourne also contributed this absolutely filthy highlight-reel dunk:

That's how I like it. Dag.

When you look at the stat box, Maryland's big advantage was shooting: The Terps shot over 50% from the field, over 58% from long range, and 82.8% from the line (24-29, which is really significant). Good shooting helped them overcome a torching in the backcourt from Ralph Mims (26 points).

Florida State is pretty bad, but it still felt good to pick up the win after being so out of our element against Duke. It was also nice to see solid minutes from Shane Walker and Adrian Bowie off the bench. Gary played the starters for most of the second half, but they really did well for a long stretch in the first half, keeping the game close while we were behind. Jason McAlpin also saw action, and admirably filled Cliff Tucker's role (he was sick).

Next up: Virginia Tech. I want revenge for our one-point loss, and I'm betting the team does, too. We'll see what happens.

Go Terps.

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