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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let's Try Something New...

Sorry guys, but apparently "Keys to the Game" is a death knell for the Terps, so it will be discontinued.

Instead of addressing how angry I am about tonight's game and pointing out problems (is there even enough time?), I'm going to try something different. I'm going to put all the titles for this post/headlines for this game that I considered. Here goes:

- "Wait, Weren't We Winning?"

- "Terps Play for 35 Minutes"

- "I'm Out of Excuses"

- "Guess the Hype Got to 'Em"

- "Ohio & American: Part II"

- "Slopfest"

- "Drunk Hokie Fans Have Something To Brag About"

- "We Deserve Better"

Yes, I realize that I'm saying all this because I'm angry, but you should be upset too, if you have any pride in the Maryland tradition. Bad loss. We'll talk tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Baltimore Sun


Nic said...

Duke lost too. We can cry on each other shoulders.


KGoon1590 said...

Ok, well you can call up McRoberts and have a good cry.

I'll just brood silently over here.

We don't associate just because both of our teams lost.

TerpFan said...


I am still thinking that MD is more like the team that won six of seven than the team that just lost three of four.

We will know a lot about this team on Thursday Night. A loss would mean that we would need wins against Clemson, at UVA, Thursday and Friday at the ACC tournament - to get into the NCAA.

Christopher Blunck said...

Did you guys attend the women's game against FSU on Sunday?