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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

ESPN Holds Basketball Games Hostage

I can't remember being so infuriated after a win.

Maryland got sweet revenge on Boston College, kicking them to the ground in a 70-65 win. Again, it was close at the end, but the Terps pulled away in a close one, and Gary Williams earned his 600th win against his old team (delightful irony). Maryland now sits at a decent 5-3 in the ACC.

None of that is why I'm angry. I was planning on titling this post "Sweet Revenge" in fact, because I was so upset after this season's early loss to the Eagles. This victory should've been mine (and my fellow fans') to savor.

That means being able to, you know, watch the game. No dice.

Of course, the game was broadcast on ESPNU, the station that ESPN keeps telling us is real, but no one has ever watched. It's not on regular cable; it's not on ESPN360; as far as I can tell, the only place you can watch it is in a bunker somewhere in Northern Canada. This is where Maryland-Boston College is broadcast. You know what game was on ESPN2, a channel we actually do get? Elon-Davidson. Yeah, really.

So as Maryland fans, we can't watch the win, and we can't get the satisfaction that should be ours. Wonderful. Do we have any other brilliant ideas ESPN?

As a matter of fact, they do. See, if you watch ESPN at all, you know that they've been talking about the North Carolina-Duke game as the best thing since Ali-Frazier. It's unbelievable how overhyped that game is, but still it's worth watching for a matchup with tradition and two top-3 teams.

So my roommate and I were chilling out, checking the ESPN box score for the Maryland game we couldn't see, psyching ourselves up for the UNC-Dook consolation prize.


I'm checking the broadcasting schedule right now. Guess which network that game is listed on?

You guessed it ... freakin' ESPNU.

I hate ESPN. I hate that they won't let us watch the games that we want to watch, and if we want to watch them, we have to leave the comfort of our own homes and go to some bar where you're pretty much guaranteed to sit next to some guy who spends the whole game screaming (unless you're me and you are that guy ... that's why I stay at home). I just don't get what the heck they have against us, but I have a message for the bigwigs over in Bristol:

We surrender. Please give us our basketball back.

Photo Credits: ESPN, Baltimore Sun (note that creative liberties were taken with the ESPNU logo)


Russell said...

Not seeing the UNC-Duke game on ESPN is called "blackout". We always get Billy Fudge-Packer on RJ, or whatever it's called now. I was happy to get an actual game, instead of ESPNews like they used to give us.

And did you really want to listen to Dukie-V the whole time?

Not getting the game I actually cared about (Maryland) did suck.

Anonymous said...

UNC-Duke was on Jefferson Pilot (channel 20) on Comcast

Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch Packer on the RJ broadcast than the Dook cheer squad on the WWL any day.

Anonymous said...

Davidson-Elon was not on ESPN2. It was on MASN.

KGoon1590 said...

Ok, I guarantee you in College Park, Elon-Davidson was on ESPN2. It was one of the most disappointing TV experiences of my life, closely edging the Shot at Love finale.

nickbphat said...

i actually get ESPNU through cox cable. since they don't have their own cable sports channel they're not fighting the evil empire on it. its in an extra tier though, not with basic/stand cable.

JC said...

I feel that way every week trying to catch Black College basketball games.

Michelangelo said...

By a total coincidence, I was flying to Las Vegas on a jetBlue flight the night of the MD/BC game, and I got to watch the game on their in-flight DirecTV system. That was about the only good luck that seemed to come my way on the trip...

Jeff V said...

MD gets blacked out for football games like it is there job but for basketball games its just rididuclous.

Seriously, does anyone think that Elon v. Davidson would rate higher than the Terps in CP??

Also it is infuriating to watch Towson v. Maine when MD has a football away game.