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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Oh, Chris Bosh

And we all thought Gilbert Arenas was desperate for trying to get into the All-Star game with an injury. Chris Bosh is having a decent year relative to other East forwards, but no way he'll beat out Lebron or Garnett, both of whom are leading voting this year and playing out of their minds, and I think Antwan Jamison (averaging 22 and 10 and leading the Wiz sans Hibachi) and Paul Pierce (Boston's leading scorer) will help fill out the rest of the All-Star roster. Bosh has a good shot of getting in, but ultimately, I think it's up to the coaches and not the fans.

But he's got my vote, based solely on that video.

Other links of note:

- Three Idiots on Sports has a ridiculously funny listing of best sports-related quotes of the year. My personal favorite: Charles Barkley on Michael Vick. Just read it.

- I'm beginning to love the New York Knicks more and more. An article on how Isiah Thomas the coach passed the two-week review of Isiah Thomas the GM and is not getting fired. I guess winning one game in that stretch was good enough. I think Knicks fans should save their money on games by buying tickets to a real circus instead.

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