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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Didn't This Happen Already?

Yes, Maryland still beat UNC today, it's still true, even though half of us can't believe it. And yes, Bambale Osby, the always-cool but recently struggling bro-with-the fro, made the game-winning shot after a Herculean effort for 40 minutes by the team (Check out the game-winner above).

By the way, does this game seem a little familiar? Maybe because we beat then-No. 5 UNC last year too in a huge upset. It was a two-point game, ended with a Hansbrough choke - very similar stuff. Look for yourself:

Which game do you think the INRCP signature banner photo was taken after? I'll never forget storming the court during that upset. Today I had to settle for storming my living room. But still a great feeling!

UPDATE: I can't believe I forgot about this, but as Don Markus reminded me this morning, this has happened before.

In 1986, Maryland upset No. 1 North Carolina in the newly-built Dean Dome, led by none other than the immortal Len Bias. Here is pretty much the signature play of his short but stellar career from that game:

Go Terps!

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Dewey Hammond said...

Big ups to the Terps. Great game.