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Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Happened to Erin Henderson?

I don't understand what happened today at all.

Erin Henderson was a top-rated outside linebacker by pretty much EVERYONE.

- 3rd best OLB by ESPN
- 8th best OLB by NFL Draft Countdown
- 2nd best OLB by The Football Expert
- 5th best OLB by About Football
- 3rd best OLB by Walter Football
- 4th best OLB by KFFL

So why did Henderson not get drafted this weekend? I can't say for certain. Look at all the linebackers that were drafted! Why was Henderson not one of them?

It's true he has an injury history, but he also has a reputation for playing through them. When something like this happens, you have to check either medical records (ACL) or police records (doubtful, in this case). However, if there was something hidden in those reports, wouldn't we have heard about it already? There must've been something that scared everybody off. Maybe he isn't going pro after all? I have no idea.

If anyone knows anything, please let me know. I'm terribly disappointed at this outcome - I was looking forward to hearing his name on TV and knowing he would sign a big-time contract.

I guess he can still make it on a team by trying out free agency. But really? The best linebacker in the ACC? A potential Butkus Award winner needs to bust his butt in camp just to make the roster? That saddens me as a Maryland fan and just a person, thinking about how Henderson watched TV for 9 hours today and kept his eye on the phone just waiting to see if maybe today was the day his name would be called.

Not cool.

Photo Credits: Baltimore Sun, Press Box


Anonymous said...

He's on the Vikings as a free agent

Chimpanzee Rage said...

he got signed by the Vikings. He'll be a steal for them, i wish the Redskins got him.

Eagles94 said...

I feel the same way you do. I sat around my house waiting for him to get picked. I'm from Aberdeen and have known E.J since he was in High school. Not real familair with Erin but i like when local talent goes to the next level. Hopefully someone out there wises up and picks him up in free agency. The only thing that may of scared people away was the injuries in the past.

Rick said...

He's brother's a starter for Minnesota, go figure. Also surprised he did not get drafted, he'll be a steal for someone.

Jeff V said...

I can't believe he went undrafted either.

I wish he had at least been Mr. Irrelevent

Anonymous said...

almost makes me want to cry he is so talented, and i wish the ravens went out and got him, what the hell were they thinking?

Sims54 said...

He will be fine. His brother played with me (Gary Sims) back in high school. We had a solid team and turned over two NFL players. Dondre Gilliam, and EJ. Erin will be fine, he will have his brother to bring him along. I know this because myself, Mike Harris, Scipo Osbourne, Coach Sumpter, and Coach Rialley, showed EJ tough love. And I know EJ will show Erin that same love to bring him along.

bonanzamacgyver said...

Did he just get cut by the Vikings? I heard on WCCO that he was released. With all their injuries at linebacker why would they make a move like that???